About Us

Transformation. This is the aim of The Mitney Project. To refine the resources of an underserved community and re-invest those resources back into that same community. To tap into the “untouched reservoirs” of creativity, talent and enterprise that are the children and adults of the West End neighborhood to create new opportunities for them and the world around them.


Our programs are designed to:

  • Cultivate creative interests which lead to careers
  • Encourage and support entrepreneurship
  • Teach workplace skills
  • Stimulate personal and civic responsibility
  • Galvanize people to care for and secure their homes and neighborhood
  • Promote healthy attitudes towards nutrition and physical well-being
  • Nurture social development
  • Participants will exit these programs stronger academically, physically and socially, with a heightened sense of their employability and how to find solutions in their own lives.