Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Computer Instructor

Teach adults how to use a computer, basic functions and applications such as email, calendars, word processing and spreadsheets, as well as introduce them to advanced skills such as graphics and desktop publishing.

Time commitment: 8 or 12 hours total per session (Every Tuesday, 5:30-6:15pm)

Required skills: Computer literate and fluent in PC environment including Microsoft Office Suite applications. Please note: The Mitney Project requires a background check for this position.

Robotics Team Mentor

Super fun! Guide a team of 10 youths, ages 9-14, as they design and construct an autonomous robot for regional competition. Mentors must be age 21 and older.

Time commitment: 50 hours total over 12 weeks (2 hours per day, 2 or 3 times per week, plus 1 or 2 tournament travel days)
Spring session: March through May
Fall session: September through December

Required skills: Computer literate. Positive, can-do attitude. Patience. A sense of adventure and willingness to explore. Must read the coaches’ manual, and help children install and operate Lego’s intuitive robotics computer program. Program is highly intuitive and directed by the children. No prior science, robotics or engineering experience necessary, just an ability to provide positive encouragement and feedback to children. Please note: The Mitney Project requires a background check for this position.

BOOST Student Escort

Improve a life by literally taking a child to opportunity! Provide daily afterschool transportation to a needy student participating in Mitney’s entrepreneurial mentoring program. Escorts will pick children up from school, bring them to Mitney, then pick them up from Mitney and take them home.

Time commitment: 24 to 135 hours Depending on the number of days you can commit to

Required skills: Your own vehicle, valid driving license, a good driving record and positive attitude. Please note: The Mitney Project requires a background check for this position.

West End Wheeler Bike Club Monitor

Help promote a healthy, active lifestyle among youth! Wheeler’s Monitors are adult supervisors, age 21 and older, who lead a group of 10-25 children on outdoor bike rides once a week and talk with them about bicycling, eating healthy snacks and the importance of physical activity in living a good life. (At least 3 monitors are needed per group of 10 children. Monitors may need to provide transportation for the children to the bike routes from Mitney’s location and back.)

Time commitment: 1hour for orientation, then 3 hours on Sundays. (Monitors can select one Sunday per month to participate – say every third Sunday – or more as their schedule permits)

Required skills: A sense of fun. Your own bicycle and vehicle. (Vehicle that can hold 2 or 3 children’s bikes is a big plus!). A valid driver’s license and good driving record. Please note: The Mitney Project will require a background check for this position.

Talent Show Judge

Super fun! One of 4 or 5 individuals who select finalists and winner of Mitney’s annual regional talent competition – the Big Shot Talent Show.

Time commitment: 22 hours (2 eight-hour audition days. 4 hours on competition day. Dates TBA)

Required skills: Fairness. A sense of fun.

Talent Show Backstage Crew

Be a part of a great team! Crew members escort talent to and from stage, open and close curtains, set up and breakdown stage backgrounds, staff ticket office, staff talent rooms, escort judges, after-show clean up

Time commitment: 30 hours (2 eight-hour audition days. Up to 12 hours on rehearsal/competition day. Dates TBA)

Required skills: Team player. Flexibility and reliability.

West End Block Captain

Help relay important Mitney event information to the residents on your block, either by telephone, personal visit or delivering fliers.

Time commitment: 3-6 hours per event

Required skills: Reliability. West End resident. Know your neighbors, or be willing to make their acquaintance and keep them informed of Mitney happenings.

Student Advisory Board Member

Be one of a group of young people who share their ideas about how to make Georgetown a better, more exciting place to live. This group comprising teens between the ages of 13 & 18 provide a fresh perspective on Mitney’s vision, mission and program and is the voice of those in the community under age 20. Members advocate for Mitney and encourage participation of young people in Mitney events and activities and keep them informed about the impact of Mitney’s work in the community.

Time commitment: 1 hour on Saturday every other month and for events as needed.

Required skills: A sense of fun! A willingness to share your opinion and listen to others. The availability to commit some of your free time to making change happen. Reliability – you must attend meetings and participate in events.

Student Advisory Board Ambassador to the Georgetown Community Advisory Board

This person must be a member of The Mitney Project’s Student Advisory Board. Ambassadors are the liaison between The Mitney Project and the Community Advisory Board whose objective is to identify the most pressing needs of people in the community and help to address them through the programs and services offered by community partners in the Human Services Collaborative, Georgetown Out of School Time alliance and government services.

Time commitment: Minimum 18 hours per year plus events as needed (1 hour every other month for Mitney meetings; 1 hour every month for Community Advisory Board meetings)

Required skills: Attendance at all Mitney student advisory board meetings. Knowledge of Mitney programs and services, goals, vision, and Student Board objectives and projects. A large personal social network is a plus as it permits the Ambassador to ask the opinions of his or her peers about issues.

Canvass Team Member

Get to know the community! Have fun in a group outing while meeting new people! Under the supervision of Mitney’s Participant and Volunteer Systems Manager, C-Team members will go in groups of 4 or more and do door-to-door canvassing in the community taking surveys of residents to gauge the needs of the community to enable The Mitney Project and its community partners to better serve their constituents. Mitney’s goal is to knock on every door in the West End community. Team t-shirts, surveys and fliers will be provided. And after the canvassing event, the pizza and burgers are on us!

Time commitment: 4 hours per day for each event, 2 or 3 3events per year. (Dates to be determined)

Required skills: Friendly disposition. Good organization. Reliability.

For more information about any programs offered by the Mitney Project or to volunteer, please fill out the form below or call 843.546.7900 during normal business hours. We will respond with more information as quickly as possible. Thank you for volunteering your time!